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Short Stories:

The "B" Bee
(Neil Milan)

Over the Hill
(Eric Halverson)

The Doctor is In
(Kendra Eilers)

A Family Dinner
(Kendra Eilers)

Kung Fu Art:

Kung Fu



Visual Literacy Art:

Michael Siegenthaler

Poorna Ramachandran

Michael Ogawa

Other Art:

(Nick Mastronarde)

(Nick Mastronarde)

(Nick Mastronarde)

(Nick Mastronarde)


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Visual Literacy Seminar - Poorna Ramachandran

The cartoonish characters are from a Japanese anime called "Ayashi No Ceres" and all the people (cartoon characters) are related to each other, either by relation or by love (like boyfriend/girlfriend) or they're just good friends. And in some ways, the people in the building are very similar. We all have our close groups of friends in the building, and they make us laugh, smile, cry, and even frustrate us. But in the end, we ARE good friends, and we're here for each other. The B Building has a special community feeling to it. Some of us not only have good friends here, but significant others as well. All in all, we have fun together, study together, and PARTY together! This collage reflects all of that, including the craziness. =).

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