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June 4, 2003 - Photos from the B Building Farewell Barbecue are posted. Integrated Studies will be moving into the new dorms in Fall 2003, so this barbecue was a chance for past ISrs to visit B Building one last time.

June 6, 2003 - Varun's profile has been recently submitted and posted. If anyone else who doesn't have a biography still wants one, please send it in.

Large universities are often criticized as impersonal academic environments that leave no opportunity to create meaningful student-teacher bonds. The Integrated Studies (IS) program is one way that UC Davis has attempted to address this growing concern. Incoming freshmen invited to the program are housed together in a single building holding about 70 residents. Here, they can develop peer bonds similar to those in smaller, private colleges. These bonds typically extend beyond the academic and, more often than not, lead to lasting friendships and romances. Academically, participants select one IS course every quarter for their freshman year. These courses are taught by distinguished faculty who tend to be both active and renowned in their fields. The classes are made up of no more than 25 students and allow for much more open and personal interaction between students and the teacher.

Though they are members of an academic honors program, the talents and interests of IS students extend beyond textbooks. This site is one example. It was put together by the combined efforts of several students (with the input of the whole program) not only as a pet project, but also as a way to showcase some of what goes on in IS and what makes IS students tick. On behalf of the Integrated Studies Class of 2002, WELCOME!


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