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Visual Literacy Seminar - Michael Ogawa

For the past several months, I have referred to B Building as "home." Most of my time is spent inside, rather than on the outside of it looking at the facade. Therefore, I have chosen to depict my room and portions of the building interior. To give the feeling that the viewer is indeed inside the building, I have modeled it in 3D on a computer using WorldCraft. Now someone can "step into" my interpretation of B Building and be surrounded on all sides.

These screenshots are from my partial Counter-Strike map of B Building. I started making the map back in Winter quarter, when I played CS almost every day. The toughest part was getting the scale right in the beginning. I'd add a few things here and there until the homework caught up with me. Since then I haven't played much CS and the map sat in my hard drive. When the journal topic came along, I figured a 3D rendering of the B Building interior would be perfect. So I dug it out, dusted it off, and took some screenshots. Maybe I'll work on it some more (instead of playing Diablo II) and actually have a playable map for the CS fans in the building. We'll see what happens.

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