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Visual Literacy Seminar - Michael Siegenthaler

This image is a response to a journal prompt for Professor Shackelford's seminar on Visual Literacy. It is supposed to convey my view of B Building when I return to the dorms after a vacation or a weekend at home. Driving off of Highway 113 and down Hutchison Drive, the view of the water tower, the cows, and the steam rising from nearby buildings welcomes me to what could be considered "a home away from home".

The image has aspects of one-point perspective in that objects which are farther away are smaller than ones that are closer to the viewer. However, it also utilizes a non-western perspective by showing different objects from conflicting angles. I drew the water tower and building using Microsoft Visio. The cows and fences are from stock clipart, and the shapes of the ground, sky, and clouds are a creative composition of a small number of predefined shapes.

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