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Dennis Muldoon
Nicknames: D, Big D.
Major: Mechanical Engineering/Material Science Engineering
Hometown: Livermore, CA
Gej. This is 'D'. That's Dennis Muldoon to you. Born September 29th, 1983 in SF. I've subsequently lived in Redmond, WA (home of everyone's favorite monopoly, Microsoft), Fresno, CA (the asshole of the state), and Livermore, CA (the only hick town in the Bay Area; we have a rodeo for God's sake!). Because I'm a masochistic bastard, I'm double majoring in Mechanical Engineering/ Material Science Engineering. In my free time (or whenever I feel like being a lazy hobag) I like sports. I played football in high school, and it continues to be my favorite sport (go Niners!). I also like baseball (go Giants!), hockey (Sharks rule), and basketball (Sonics!). My predictions for the upcoming year in sports: Superbowl and World Series champions in SF, Stanley Cup in SJ, NBA champion in Seattle, Causeway Classic winner in Davis, Big Game winner in Berkeley, and an Apple Cup winner in Seattle. I also play video games and read lots of sci-fi books. Heinlein is my favorite author. I also like to watch movies (Animal House is the best movie ever made), and listen to music (especially punk, rock, and jazz). May the gej be with you!

Leslie Lane
Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Hometown: Nevada City, CA
Hailing from the virtually unknown town of Nevada City, (which is actually in California), Leslie Ann Lane is a Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior major, and the youngest member of the IS community (Ed: Although I think Winnie is younger...). On any given day you can find her in her room stressing over chemistry, regaling people with stories of her social life, or making puppy-dog eyes at her pictures of Enrique Iglesias. If she isn't in her room she's probably off making trouble somewhere. (Common trouble making spots for Leslie: the second floor quad, Café Roma, class, and choir practice.) Once you get past her obsession with Enrique, you'll discover a great friend and one of the most interesting people in IS.

Jordan Moore
Major: BioSci we think...
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Jordan is a neurotic, inborn of two upperclass citizens. He greeted the world between the 11th and 12 floors of the Century Theatres building in Santa Cruz, California. No, his parents aren't hippies. Growing up in uniform at York Private School was tough on the 'delicate boy' (as his mother puts it), and he often dreamed of traveling to exotic places in search of the 'perfect wave'. High on the list are such places as Italy, New Zealand, and Mongolia. Living from punk shows to skiing trips to a cabin in Tahoe, Jordan, the puppy kicking bastard, survives mostly by outdrinking any man in the dorm. Just don't ask him about the bushes.

Eloise Leigh
Major: Design
Hometown: Seattle, WA
A hooker (ok, so she's NOT a real hooker... but sometimes it fits!) with an unseemly attitude, Eloise Leigh is all cracked up to be what she actually is. This quiet, artsy (yep, she's a Design major), Seattle native has brought new meaning to the overused and worn out cliche "Appearances can be deceiving." She's NOT quiet...at ALL. Don't be fooled by the civilized manner with which she converses with professors and does class presentations. She's a real nutcase. Oh yeah, she has a little sister, too. Anyway, back to the important stuff. Eloise is weird. Yeah. This one time, finals week of fall quarter, she wanted to eat cereal. REALLY REALLY REALLY badly. Once this girl wants something, she'll stop at nothing to get it. But who can eat cereal without milk? She can't. So she sent one unsuspecting young man named Michael Ogawa (his name is changed to protect his identity so charges of involuntary manslaughter are not pressed against him...) on a very important mission: to find milk. And being the dynamic person that he is, he brought back to her a gallon of milk. The problem: It had been expired for about 30 days, give or take a couple of hours. But like mentioned above, THIS GIRL WILL NOT LET ANYTHING GET IN HER WAY OF GETTING WHAT SHE WANTS! She devoured her Quaker Oats imitation of Golden Grahams with that milk. When asked to talk about how she was able to face up to such a daunting challenge she said, all smiles of course, "I just poured the cream off the top and used the milk in my cereal! It tasted just fine...and plus, I'm not dead, so it's fine." 'Nuff said.

Christine Li
Nicknames: Christinie (Beanie), Frisky Chow, Humble Worshipper #2... (I'll stop there... don't ask)
Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
I was born in Chicago, Illinois, then moved to Rochester, New York, then Carmel, Indiana before finally moving to Cupertino, California in 1990. Yup, I've been around :) Oh yeah, I went to Monta Vista High School. I was born at the end of the dog year and the beginning of the pig year, so according to the lunar calendar, I'm supposedly a dog-pig sort of animal. Whatever makes me feel unique... So... It's kinda strange having me write about myself, so I'll start off by writing about how people see me. From what I know, people who don't know me too well just see me as being quiet and maybe even smart (HAHAHAHA). People who REALLY know me know better 0=) As for me, I'm just proud to say that I'm weird :) I'm a pretty random person, which I guess can be reflected by the dreams I have every night, dreams that range from having Mike Tyson throwing green ice cream at Magic Johnson, who is using a giant match to hit the incoming ice cream while I'm thinking, "mmmm... green ice cream" to picking strawberries with Eloise in a tent run by old people at night. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it. Yup, it's great. I love animals, and especially have a fancy for watching ducks waddling and swimming upside down in lakes, cuz it's cute, honest... 0=) I have pictures too, if anyone's interested. And no, it's not obscene, for goodness sakes ~_~ For those of you who don't know, if it was Poorna or Eloise writing this bio, they would be saying how I'm addicted to duck porn, among other things, all of which are untrue, of course... 0=) Narf narf. I went to Australia and New Zealand on a student ambassadors program 2 years ago and was filmed in a movie in New Zealand, but I have no idea what the movie's name is, my dog's name is Cookie, I have a younger sister, Tina, I speak Mandarin, know Spanish, I like to clean, play sports like volleyball and basketball, IS people are cool, and I'm rambling because I don't know what else to write and nothing is related. Ok, bye *waves* :)

Neil Milan
Nicknames: Spiderman
Major: Environmental Biology and Management
Hometown: Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines; Northridge, CA
The oldest of two children, Neil's upbringing has instilled him with a strong sense of responsibility - a fact that is sometimes obscured by his tendency to procrastinate and do ill-advised things (like run up trees). Most of his behavior and pursuits can be summed up in his desire to be a well-rounded person. Knowing full well that he risks spreading himself too thin in certain areas, he has sought that goal since early childhood when peers branded him "nerd" and "weakling." Viewed by some as a fairly sociable and outgoing person, Neil is actually a shy and reserved person who would rather spend his time alone or with a few close friends than in the atmosphere of larger gatherings. Despite this, he still speaks his mind on issues and problems that conflict with or pertain to his core values and beliefs - something that has made him enemies in the past. He joined IS hoping for a close-knit community of students similar to the one he had in high school. Within B Building, residents often see him either sitting at his desk or searching for a quiet place to read. Neil also enjoys mountain-biking (although not much of an option here in Davis), reading, writing and games in general. [Ed: the following is an addendum by Becca...] He looks normal. He walks normal. He talks normal. He smells mostly normal. In fact, Neil is about the most normal guy in the IS building, especially when compared to his three quad-mates: the drunk, the tactless wonder, and the walking oxymoron. Neil, coming from an all-boys school in Los Angeles, adjusted to IS as if he were always meant to be amongst the elite. With a heart too large for his body, Neil's main source of conflict arises from not being able to please everyone. He would like to blame his label of Spiderman on his amazing physical feats, from running up trees to suspending himself from the ceiling, but everyone really knows the real reason Neil is Spiderman. There are few men who can wear spandex in public and maintain their integrity. Neil sports his spiritualism with pride, and although often the subject of gossip, we can't help but respect him in the end. After all, how many people can enjoy spending hour upon hour counting grass leaves?

Blair Duncan
Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, Behavior
Hometown: Walnut Creek
Meet Blair Duncan!! The star keyboardist of Davis's very own phenomenally famous band False Dawn, Blair is proud to call the "Dub C" home (it's known as Walnut Creek to us outsiders). Blair is one of B Building's Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior majors (Go NPB!!) and enjoys playing the piano, playing the piano, and playing the piano. Do not say the word chemistry in her presence, ever, unless you want to incur horribly vicious wrath. Blair's claim to fame is that she lived in the deserted outback of Australia for two years (okay, so maybe not the outback, but she really did live in Australia). Don't ever argue with Blair about religion, her vegetarianism, or politics, because you will not win. Ever.

Chrisoula Toupadakis
Major: dunno
Hometown: Woodland, CA (but a helluva lot of places before that including Livermore, CA and Greece
Chrisoula Toupadakis is lovingly known to everyone as the Greek Squeak, although she fervently denies the fact that any high pitched noised exit her mouth in moments of extreme excitement. A worker of the night, Chrisoula's passions are art and horses. Her room is the hub of IS, who are drawn to the aura of purple and free candy. Intensely sensitive, the males in the building take joy in tormenting her by poking, prodding and removing her pants, among other injuries. Her clumsy nature makes her all the more endearing to our hearts, as she is alone capable of interpreting the peace sign as "fuck off." As translated from Greek, her name of Golden Love Cheese Basket sums up her entire sweet personality in one package - a little holey, but good nonetheless.

Kendra Leanne Eilers
Major: American Studies
Hometown: Antioch, CA
Kendra Leanne Eilers is one of the only non-science majors in IS. Her major is American Studies. That slacker!! She hails from the "podunk" town of Antioch in the hell known as the East Bay. Beware her CD collection! It's full of country, and for some reason, N'Sync. You will know her room by the leopard print sheet and the meticulously clean desk. (Yes Kendra, you are a neat freak, stop trying to deny it.) Kendra is shy when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she is a lot of fun.

Vincent Rhamey
Major: Genetics (minor in Comp Sci) -- what a geek...
Hometown: THE ALB (Albany, CA)
The Vin-Dogg was born in Oakland, CA (OAK-TOWN!), on April 1, 1983. His hometown however is Albany, CA... That's right the ALB!!!!! Usually Vince is busy reppin the ALB, keepin it real, or kickin it but occasionally he takes care of business. He hopes to one day be on the cutting edge of biological research in the specific field of genetics. He enjoys listening to rap/funk/anything with a real beat and programming/playing games. If you think he's just a quiet little nerd you might be surprised to learn the truth, as Vince has been known to party once or twice. And he's always the cool one when the po-po's are rolling hard. He's really close to his friends, especially peeps from the ALB, and is usually seen in a mob of about 10 of them as they roll incredibly deep on the speezo.

Alissa Metzger
Major: Communications
Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jennifer Moore
Major: undeclared... perhaps Human Development
Hometown: Rodeo, CA

One fall day, the lives of two extraordinary homies collided. Jennifer Moore, from the ritzy but unknown town of Rodeo, CA (can I get a shout out from my Bay Area peeps?) was waiting in line to receive her room key when she heard the soft-spoken voice of a Southern belle.
Alissa: "Howdy, mah nayme is Uh-LEES-a and Ah'm from the dirty South."
Jennifer: "Hi, like, my name is Jenn, and I'm like so excited about this year, 'cause it's gonna rock hard-core awesome style!"
Since Ruwan's making us write these bios up, we might as well get all the boring stuff out of the way. Alissa's turning 19 this summer on July 26th, the opening date of the 3rd Austin Powers movie. She is a Communications major with a Dance minor and is a fabulous ballerina. She is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide. Roll Tide!!! Very few people actually know her as Alissa; if you're looking for her, make sure you ask for "Bama."
Jenn just turned 19 on Saint Patty's Day (March 17) and is still undeclared. However, she's considering Human Development as a major. If you're looking for her, try room 204 or Fountain Circle 50, home of 8 sexy guys, but most importantly her boyfriend Steven. If you ever go home with her, make sure you're prepared for the line-up of children that is reminiscent of "The Sound of Music." Her 7 brothers and sisters love to come and invade the tiny room she and Alissa share.
Bonding times have been downtown roommate dates with shopping and food, but most important to our daily regiments has been NAKED TIME. Experts have deduced that 73% of the time spent in their room is spent naked, so if you happen to have a phone or online conversation with either girl, chances are, they were nude. Ok, ok, so maybe we have bathrobes on. But let's move on. There was that one time Jenn ate all Alissa's chocolates from her mommy, but that's okay cause Alissa stole a lot of Tic-Tacs. And together, the girls have been through a LOT of hair dye...it's all about the red, baby!
Through heartache, dead goldfish, PMS (and yes that can mean post, present, AND pre...) and crazy finals, there have still been a lot of laughs (remember the time Eric stole Alissa's Nutella...aahahahaha...except Alissa wasn't laughing then) and we will always cherish the fun times we spent in 225 B Building. Yay!

Jorge E. Medina
Major: Computer Science Engineering
Hometown: Santiago, Chile; Fort Worth, TX; Piedmont,CA
Nicknames: George, George of the Jungle, Mr. Jungle, Jungle Person, Captain Obvious, the Tactless Wonder
Easily recognized unless he's in a group of girls, Jorge weighs 172 lbs and stands 5'10" with shoes on, though he seems taller because of his wild locks. He was born in Chile sometime after the Commies got thrown out and lived there for five years, which is why he still uses the name Jorge even though it's fucking hard to say. Sadly, his life went downhill from there, moving from a smog-infested third-world country to Texas, home of the freak weather and George "W" Jr. (no relation). There, incessant teasing tore his mind and warped his soul, blending it into a fine puree and serving it over steak, which his father proceeded to eat for breakfast. Rare, with a little tarragon. Mmmm.... After escaping from the Dallas/Fort Worth area following a freak softball-sized hail accident, "Mr. Jungle" arrived in California with his parents, where their choice in Peugeots and Yugos led him to fear driving. After going to school for eleven years, Jorge finally caved in and bathed and became a citizen due to his being called a "dirty Mexican" all the time (nowadays, people just call him "dirty Jungle person"). Miraculously, he got into Davis as part of the top 5% of the freshman class and is a daily reminder of the successes of the Californian Public Education System. He can be heard cursing Reagan in his sleep in fluent Spanish. Jorge spends his days loitering, eating, and going to class (we think). Despite his being a little insane, he has managed to get a girlfriend and keep her sublimely happy (hint-hint =D) [Ed: too much info there I think...]. His hobbies include avoiding things (such as work and sleep), learning stuff, playing video games, sitting at his computer, and hearing the sound of his own voice. Hated by many, loved by few, told by all to shut up, Jorge really isn't an asshole; it's just his genes that make him like that.

Katherine Chen
Major: Anthropology... now Bio Sci (Evolution and Ecology Emphasis)
Hometown: Foster City CA
Nicknames: Kat, Atch!
Katherine (primarily Kat, but also The Grown-Up, Twinkle Toes, Mad Charity Kidd and Ruler of the World) Chen, born on August 14, 1983 in Walnut Creek, CA and hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area (precisely Foster City, CA but you've never heard of it), of Tercero B Building is the proud owner of Room 215, the most luxurious and spacious room on campus (and the most furnishings on campus at that!). Although she may be a mere five foot one-and-a-half inches tall, she packs a punch and possesses the unique ability to send her voice into the far reaches of B Building whenever she pleases. Currently an Anthropology major, it didn't take her long to realize that this was not the career path for her. She is, as you read this here before you, in the very process of filing the paperwork to officially change her major to Bio Sci, Evolution and Ecology. There will be no random digging and dirt under the nails for this girl- heck no. Upon completion of her undergraduate education at one of the United State's premier universities, UC Davis, Kat wishes to continue her educational career at the University of California, San Francisco on her quest to become a pediatric endocrinologist. You can expect great feats from this 'mighty' girl and can see her and her pony Percie practicing at Rivendell Farm in Portola Valley, CA.

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