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Lisa Davis
Major: BioSci we think...
Hometown: Austin, TX
Born in Albequerque, New Mexico, ages 6-13 Santa Barbara, 13-18 Austin TX. Enjoys eating small mammals, blowing shit up, saying "FUCK, ASS" really loud in public, random other insane public acts of insanity, destruction and corruption, enjoys attending "punk shows" and picking up on band members, and contructing phallices out of clay. She got accepted into some really exclusive surgery thingy at Baylor, but no one cares about that. Basically she's a borderline psychotic, with good taste in music (the punk part) and better friends than you.

Eric Halverson
Nicknames: Eric the Red, E-Dog, CarrotTop, Arp
Major: Exploratory Program (a.k.a. - Doesn't-Have-A-Clue-Program).
Hometown: Los Banos, CA (Motto: Yes, we actually have a Wal-Mart!)
Eric lived the first seventeen years of his life on a fish farm, a fact that gives us the right to say that he is indeed a farm boy. However, country living did him good, as he grew tall, strong and freakishly fast. He regularly humiliates his roommate in almost every type of competition (except when food is involved, when he folds like a delicate rose at night). For example, Eric often finds food at the DC far too spicy for his delicate palate, especially the rice. Eric is enjoying his time here at Davis, playing on nearly every intramural sport that we have put together, as well as being a member of the Davis Dogz Frisbee Team. As for what he is working towards, we don't really know. However, we know that he doesn't want to do anything involving Math, Chem, or Engineering... which basically leaves what? International Relations?, Communications?, Leisure Studies? In his spare time, Eric can be found on his computer, playing some crazy card game on the internet, browsing profiles, reading ESPN, and writing beautiful works poetry. (Yes girls, he really is a softie.) He'll spend this summer travelling around Europe, so that when he comes back, he'll finally be able to figure out what he'll major in... or maybe not...

Ruwan Ekanayake
Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior
Hometown: Colombo, Sri Lanka; Baton Rouge, LA; Calgary, AB, Canada; Fremont, CA; Woodland, CA
Ruwan was born in Sri Lanka; since then he's lived in Baton Rouge, Calgary, Fremont, and Woodland (for simplicity's sake, we just say he's from Canadia). Now majoring in NPB, he's prepping for a career as a physician (anything but a civil engineer). A member of the B Building football tournament championship team (thanks to the help of Eric, Lindsey, and Mike D.), Ruwan can often be found at his computer (doing any number of things, it's anybody's guess) while his pals try to drag him out through the window to play mud Rugby, football, or throw a disc around. Avoid him after he eats hot wings, especially the 911 Cluck U's variety, for gastrointestinal problems are sure to follow. Also, call him Varun every once in a while, he loves that. (Ed: What a wonderful roomie I have.)

Kim Soo Chew
Major: some Engineering thing...
Hometown: South San Francisco
The most interesting thing about Kim is that she eats frozen vegetables mixed with Spaghetti O's, and occasionally mixed with rice as well. The second most interesting thing about Kim is hella buff and we like to pretend to be rockclimbers. Kim's biggest fault is that she has spent far less time in the dorm this year than we would all like, because she has a incognito lover (named Pete) who she thinks is for some reason cooler than the rest of us...which really just means that Kim has weird taste (as illustrated by the food choices above), because Pete has been known to have "chair races" at 1 am, and never has energy to do anything expect around that time, at which he becomes an annoyi -i mean- lovable as a three year old. :) She's going to live in Sorrento apartments next year and make me weird Asian food... She is from South San Francisco...which is different than a southern area of the city San Francisco. Kim is a kick-ass lifeguard, and she enjoys laughing at her roommates who can't swim. Kim is an integral part of the Davis Brothel, located in B Bldg. Room 116, although her lack of time spent here is becoming a problem... Kim's second-biggest fault is that she does not like Moulin Rouge. But, luckily, that is also her only fault, so overall, she's a perfect 4.0-ish student with long shiny hair and a tendency to get dressed occasionally and look really really pretty! (The rest of the time mind you, she looks really pretty; as opposed to really really pretty). Kim is insane because she is a mechanical-engineer-in-training... I think she wants to design toys. Kim's first memory of the dorm is feeling inferior to her gorgeous roommate Crissy, and her biggest blessing in life is knowing someone as wonderful as her roommate. Kim has already scared one roommate away this year just to be with me, even though she never listens to me when I talk. The coolest thing Kim and I do together: have two completely separate conversations at once while completely ignoring one another! That takes talent... B Building hearts Kim!

Cristina Lynn Buss
Major: even she doesn't know
Hometown: Jackson, CA (in Amador County)
Can you change it to: "Kat wrote Crissy an amazing profile, but it sadly got taken down. Crissy still plays ultimate and has a pet salamander name Rocky Balboa.!"
Shreerang Sudame
Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Nicknames: No pleasant/funny ones, but lately some people have taken to calling me Ted ;-)
Favorite Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight :-D
The sheer greatness of this man's presence is best described by the fact that even though you can't see him, you'll know he's there (like it or not). His aura, his natural perfume and the sheer charm of his personality pervades him. And the building. What IS class hasn't been improved by his occasional presence and his rare flashes of wit, brought to life by the poignancy of many of his questions? The natures of many of these questions exist so free from the boundaries of current intellect (let alone reality) that we can only marvel at his greatness, slapping our foreheads in reverence. Struggling always to comprehend the mysteries of the universe (how to dismount a big-wheel bicycle, for example), we look back and say: many battles have been lost, but the war sure as hell isn't over. Although we all remain somewhat baffled as to the contents of the enormous red duffel bag seen (rarely, mind you) in the men's bathroom, we can all attest to its efficiency. The man's notable sterility sets an example for dromedaries (that means 'nice people' so don't look it up in a dictionary) the world over. As a roommate he has many commendable attributes and few vices. Although he is not one for late night conversation, by virtue of his numerous flipping techniques, he still voices his bodily opinion into the wee hours of the morning, making him quite the night-time lecturer, as Daniel will testify. In short, and we do mean short, there is just no limit to our admiration for Teddy-boy.

Nicole Sunseri
Major: dunno
Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee (actually Farragut, TN, but who really cares?)
Nicknames: Bongo Butt
Nicole hails from Knoxville, Tennessee. Her accent pops up every now and then to add a little color (did I say colour?) to a conversation. Whether smacking an invisible ass in the air, or pretending to be Becca's pimp, Nicole never ceases to amaze the other ISers with the extent of her dirty mind. She is sometimes thought to be trapped in her single room for days at a time, when she is actually studying and surviving on candy alone. However, when she is around, you know it. Priding herself on her random noises (if you see her, ask her to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"), Nicole's meow's can often be heard through the barrier of all three floors. In addition to her catlike behavior, Nicole also receives many a catcall during her daily vocal performance in the shower, and for what has been officially termed "bongo butt." Let's see if twenty years from now she can still do that funny thing with her legs.

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